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Laura Smith

Welcome to Horsing Around Virginia (HAV) and our first blog post.  Our tagline is “Sharing a stable view of horses and horse people in Virginia” is an appropriate place for us to start.

A “stable view” does indeed have several meanings.  The primary focus of this blog and accompanying videos is to share the perspective of those who actually spend time in the stable—horses and their people.  So often when equestrian events are covered in the media the focus is on the finished product–the winning round–the race–the competition.  But the more interesting story to me is how the horse and rider got to that point.  The real story is how many hours of dedicated preparation went into that few minutes  the rest of the horse world acknowledges and celebrates.  Horsing Around Virginia is dedicated to telling stories and meeting dedicated horse people behind the scenes–in their stables.

“Stable view” also represents HAV’s commitment to explore a deeper understanding of why horse people do what they do, in a segment called “Why I ride.”  Consider it the equine equivalent of Oprah’s question–“What I know for sure.” Horses are costly and can be dangerous but so many of us have become addicted to their presence.  What I know for sure is that horses do in fact heal people–inside and out.  In fact, I am not sure whether it was Ronald Reagan or Winston Churchill who said it–“there is nothing better for than the inside of a man than the outside of a horse.”

For me, I simply adore horses–their personalities, talents and overall positive and kind presence.  When I was in 8th grade, I was asked to write an autobiography for English class and of course wrote about all my family members —and every horse in the barn.  Mark Rashid wrote a wonderful book called Horses Don’t Lie and they don’t.  Presenting a “stable view” also means that HAV is committed to communicating a candid, frank and honest perspective.  HAV information is to help others do what is right by their horses and steer them from pitfalls wherever possible.   Horses are teachers, healers and friends — but they are also students, partners, investments, off-road animals and high performance athletes.

Oh, the places you can go–on horseback.  HAV will provide a stable view–literally the view from stables.  Recording and sharing video of the amazing vistas and venues seen best from the saddle is important to raise awareness about protecting the land in Virginia that makes keeping horses possible.  Our creator simply isn’t making more Virginia countryside resplendent with green rolling hills and mountain views.

It is fitting to begin this blog/conversation in the Christmas season–Jesus had the ultimate “Stable view.”  What a way to begin life — in a stable surrounded by animals!  What a wonderful blessing!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Enjoy the ride!

–Laura Smith

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  1. Love your perspective! The whole experience involves doing the hard work of caring for your horse yourself. It keeps us humans in touch with the earth, at a time that we are loosing our sense of being part of creation.

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